The Users Service department

The User Sevcice department has a reading room, a children’s corner, a tiflology sector, a Braille book history exposition and a seminar room with a separate entrance.

The Sound Recording Studio

The Sound Recording Studio was founded in 1961.

Studio reproduces books in audio format (MP3) for persons with print disabilities.

The Braille department 

The Braille department was founded on November 1st, 2005.

This section is responsible for:

  • Reproducing high quality Braille material in the Latvian language according to applicable standards;
  • Reproducing high quality books in large print;
  • Training staff to matter the rare Braille skills;
  • Printing, binding, and repairing books written in Braille;
  • Research and implement the most appropriate technologies to produce Braille material
  • Drafting, researching and publishing reference manuals containing rules and information about production of Braille;
  • Assisting production houses, schools and educators with technical Braille production problems;
  • Promoting and supporting Braille as a tool for literacy and communication;
  • Facilitating and overseeing the production of tactile books.

The Collection development

The Collection department is responsible for planning and building balanced collection of library materials.

The Methodology department